Although a bathroom is without a doubt one of the most functional areas within any home, there is no reason why modern hygienic methods cannot be used in synergy with a bit of style and class. Those who have grown tired of their traditional bathroom will often opt for a frame-less shower.

How do frame-less showers work, what are some of their main benefits and why should you work with the team at Prime Heating?

As the name likely suggests, frame-less showers consist of an enclosure that is made completely of glass and does not possess any discernible borders.

This enables the entire unit to display a more open and airy appeal; an ideal solution when space is at a premium or if you have been hoping to provide your bathroom with a seamless sense of elegance. However, there are many more benefits other than a stunning presentation alone.

Showers - Frameless

Some of the most important attributes include:

  • The ability to accentuate any other design choices that you may have made
  • The thicker glass is extremely strong and durable
  • Frame-less showers are very easy to clean
  • The provide the illusion of extra space
  • There are a number of versatile and stylish options to choose from

It should also be mentioned that these showers provide a very high return on investment (ROI) over time due to the fact that they are often sought-after elements by home buyers.

Frame-less showers represent only one of the many bathroom modifications which can be undertaken by the team at Prime Heating. Those who are curious to learn more about their construction or who hope to schedule an appointment are encouraged to contact one of our technicians at the earliest possible convenience. We will be happy to help.