Prime Heating have had a huge amount of experience in fitting not only conventional heating systems but underfloor heating to. As an Essex and London based company, we have been fitting all types of water underfloor heating and electrical underfloor heating to our customers in Brentwood, Billericay, Stanford-le-Hope, Basildon and all other towns in Essex. We also offer this service to our London customers who also wish to have this heated floor system in their kitchens and bathrooms.

We have some inexpensive solutions for homes that need great all-round heating, not just from boiler powered radiators or gas fires, but from the ground up.

Whether you wish to use underfloor heating as a sole heating source, or to compliment other forms of heating in your home, our expert team will fit prestige quality heating under laminates, carpet, tiles and timber to keep off the winter chill.

Underfloor Heating Installation

Our complete installation service is very quick. We often conduct a whole project in less than a day. That’s because we’re experienced engineers with a wealth of knowledge. Our team have all undergone superior training and have gained the relevant qualifications to enable them to professionally fit all types of heating systems in your home.

Some similar heating systems require you to raise the level of your floor. We only use the best quality thin materials so that we can avoid this.
Having said that, there have been times when we had no other option but to raise the floor due to the property we were working on. All homes are different so we offer many solutions to fit in with your individual needs. Raising the level is usually unnoticeable and will not affect your home in any way. If anything, you will just be wondering why you waited so long to have underfloor heating fitted.

  • Market leading products
  • Hard wearing
  • Exceptional planning service
  • Outstanding support
  • Professional installations
  • Thermostat control
Underfloor Heating

Why choose us?

  • Our expert team will help you to plan the installation from the very start. We want you be confident with our service
  • We will always offer suggestions where necessary and provide after sales support
  • You will receive a generous warranty on your underfloor heating
  • We will insulate the new heating so that it will save you money when you operate it, this improves its efficiency and helps it to warm up faster

You can either have electric underfloor heating or water underfloor heating. We can advise you on what would be ideal for your home. Just contact us if you would like to know more about this type of heating system.

For superior underfloor heating and installation from an expert team, speak to our engineers today to benefit from our no-hassle free planning service.