We know just how important it is that you have a central heating system that works efficiently and heats the home just as it was meant to when it was first installed.

These days, it’s common for heating systems to slow down as they age. A system that doesn’t work efficiently can end up costing you more money through wasted fuel and can mean your home is not as warm as it should be in the winter months.

If your water isn’t heating up properly or your radiators are not heating up when they should be, or only partly heating up, then the system may need a power flush and an inspection to find out the reason for its reduced efficiency.

When we fit new systems, we power flush them to ensure the equipment we fit is working properly. However, power flushing is conducted on older systems that have become less effective at heating water.

Power Flushing

Using chemicals that are not harmful to you or your family, and equipment that is custom built to do the flushing, we can help avoid the need to remove and replace radiators.

Our experienced team will always do an exceptional job and for homes based in Essex and London, our services are surprisingly affordable – we quote per job and have always been competitively priced. This is because we don’t believe in overcharging customers for jobs that we are experienced to do, and that are often a necessity and not a luxury.

You will need to contact us for our power flushing service if:

  • The radiator water is black or sludgy
  • Your heating is slow warming up after switching on
  • Your boiler is extremely noisy
  • All radiators are frequently in need of bleeding
  • You find cold spots when the whole radiator should be hot
  • Your radiators leak

Power flushing is technically an easy job with the right tools and when completed it is highly effective. We will pump water through your heating system. If we detect sludge then this will need to be removed. We will power through clean water at a high pressure which will loosens up any deposits lying in the pipes.

We can also use chemicals that will help to dissolve and move mineral deposits. The dirt is then purged so that it can be removed. Your system will then be checked to ensure the radiators are working as they should be.

Speak to our team today about expert power flushing service at an affordable price.